Now, to explain why I am. I have read in the Novell Docs and in these forums that NSS is prefer on a separate disk aside from the system install. However, in the Novell docs it uses an example using VMware to explain how to setup the initial partition in EVMS. In this example, a 20Gb virtual disk is used and is carved into 200mb ext3 partition for /boot and then 10 Gb for EVMS which is divided into 9 Gb storage (for system) and 1 Gb for swap. Now, it mentions to use the remaining space (10 Gb) for NSS. I followed this example because the new servers we have purchased have enough space on internal disks rather than setting up a external drive bank. Currently I have a server with 4 disks configured for Raid 5 with total size of 2 Tb. I have configured the partitions exactly to do the example that I mentioned earlier. I have 1.8 Tb of free un-partitioned space that I would like to use for NSS. I know it is recommended to use a separate disk, yet I can't. So, what is the best way to utilize this free space for NSS?