Please excuse the long post.

I put together a new box; Netware OES 2, BM3.9 SP1, and I'm running DNS/DHCP on the box. Things went well until the other evening when I was configuring DHCP (first time for me), I was in iManager and things just didn't click so I loaded the JAVA DNS/DHCP application. Things went along fine, or seemed to be. After setting up, and testing I switched from my test IP on the private side to my production IP on the private side. I went into iManager changed the IP addresses and corresponding BM information. I was able to access the internet. I wanted to tweak the DNS/DHCP a little more so I opened the Java console while iManager was access DNS. (I'm not sure if that mattered or not). The DNS/DCHP console locked up and so did the server. After a couple of minutes of trying different things I finally used the power switch to reboot the server. On power up the server again lock reading the proxyhost file, line 23. After a few reboots with the power button I was able to get the server up and running, I edit the proxyhost file, deleting line 23 and rebooted the server allowing BM to run, the server read the proxyhost file and was up and running, except with an abend. After trying a couple more things, clearing the proxy, coping the aclcheck from the service patch, I decided to try the original version from BM3.9, so I renamed the new aclcheck, copied over the original and it worked.

One of the reasons I'm asking is because Surf Control seems to have stop filtering. I'm not sure if these are related or just a coincidence.

Any suggestion on how to get the SP1 aclcheck to work?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.