Last week I got a quote from Syncsort on Backup Express licensing, hoping
it wasn't as ludicrous as it was in the past. I was wrong and told the
rep, Kevin Morel, that there is no way we can justify paying $15,000 for
Backup Express when Symantec Backup Exec is only $1,500. So today he
e-mails me they have a promotion offering a 25% discount, but I tell him I
still can't justify paying 7.5x the cost just for the solution from
Syncsort. His response?

"Paying 7.5x for a product is a deal when the product is 10x better"

I'm not joking. That is a direct quote from the e-mail I received from
Kevin Morel.

I hope none of you ever have the displeasure of working with this
gentleman from Syncsort. Talk about a cocky attitude...

Legalize it.