I am testing ZESM 3.5.144 virtually before the server install. My question is with regards to partitioning the server and which version of sql should I get. I am looking to support around 100 devices eventually and doing a single server install.

1. Do you partition the disk in which there is a separate partition and then a partition for the ZESM product? Or, just one partition for the server OS that also includes ZESM. I never tend to have a server OS and application sitting on the same partition, but am not sure with ZESM.

2. What version of sql should I get? Would the workgroup version of sql 2005 work? Thinking costs here.

3. I know there are probably different answers to this. But if there are to be separate partitions, given the amount of devices that ZESM will be supporting for me, what would be a rough partition size?

Thanks in advance for any replies.