Although we've tried to be very good around our 2 year old Grey, Weegie, I
guess we weren't that successful, because he started saying a certain "bad"
word that starts with SH! And with great abandon - he would say it over and
over, very articulately, and with determination and purpose (although what
purpose we're not sure about). So, I had this bright idea. Every time he
says this particular word we say "That's SHOWER Weegie" (cause I've been
trying to get him to say shower for as long as he's taken showers, which is
about 17 weeks old <g>).

The past few days he hasn't said the offending word once, but instead is
very intent on saying shower and just sh in general. I think he really
likes the sh sound, and since he only knew one word that sounded that way,
he used it abundantly! I'm hopeful that if we give him a lot of new SH
words and are diligent about not letting him hear the other one he won't go
back to it for awhile