New Install of SLES 10 and OES 2.
Logged in as root, gone to YAST, Novell Customer Center Configuration, entered Configure now, Include for convenience, Hardware, Optional, Registration Code, Regularly Synchronize with customer center, on the next screen apparently I entered the wrong activation code for OES, I didn't enter anything for SLES. It did try to contact Novell and returned an error regarding invalid code. Now when I try to Configure Now, either with or without the include for Convenience I can't edit the information previously entered and when I click on Next, attempting to contact server then an error is generated rather quickly

Error 400: HTTP Status 400 - An improper code was supplied.
type status report
message An improper code was supplied.
description. The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect(An improper code was supplied).
Apache Tomcat/5.5
An improper code was supplied.

Any guidance in how to fix this?