We just migrated our first NetWare 6.5 server to OES2. We are running SLES10SP1 w/ OES2 64 Bit as a xen virtual image. I created the NSS volumes on an iscsi server. I had no problems migrating the data and apps, in fact the performance seemed much better the netware nss. Then the problems came up. Anytime we had 2 or more clients accessing the same files, the client machines locked up. We are running the latest WinXP Client SP4 with all patches applied. I have doubled checked my nss volumes and they are marked as using long and compression is not enabled. I have heard from Novell that they have seen serious issues with NSS on OES2, so i'm wondering if this is the problem with NSS or maybe something else. I can't proceed with the rest of the migration till we get this issue figured out. Any ideas? Thanks.

Chris Gotstein