I am attempting to use Zen 7 to deploy a MSI package for Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent. I have tried client versions 9 and 10 and getting the same result. While the app does install, the pass-through authentication service is not being installed. I'm assuming this is due to the installation being run under user rights. If I run the object using administrator rights, pass-through authentication (single sign on) works for both administrators and users. Also, I can verify the problem because if I view task manager after installing under user, the ssonsrv.exe process is not present whereas I do the same after installing under admin, and ssonsrv.exe is listed as an active process in task manager.

Am I out of luck on this? I figured that Zen really isn't at fault because Windows Installer should be elevating the rights for proper install. I did see a similar topic on the Citrix Support Forums about using "Computer Configuration" in GPO to perform the setup so that the install occurs before the user logs into the PC Support Forums - Citrix Knowledge Center Unfortunately, we only use Zen, no AD. Is there any other way in Zen to elevate the rights or force system level install on an MSI file?