I have a mounting problem on an oes2 server. I have the drive partitioned into 2 drives with the linux OS on the first using lvm ext3 and the second is an nss pool –volume with evms but they are both on the same server and mounting. The etc/fstab file mounts the nss volume as “DATA /media/nss/DATA nssvol noauto,rw,name=DATA,norename 0 0”

The goal is to change the content repository for the Zenworks content management server so that the data is not on the system partition for backup and bare metal purposes etc. according to the system administration reference Page 56 this can be done on a remote machine (it does not say what kind netware, linux) by using the command “mount –t cifs //server/share_name /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo” on my server I type “mount –t cifs //server IP/media/nss/DATA /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo” it prompts for a passwd and then returns
retrying with upper case share name
mount error 6 = no such device or address
refer to mount.cifs(8) manual………

Any help is much appreciated