Massimo already helped me for the aspect, that DLU is not dependent on
any server side service, but is a client side thing relying on eDir

This is a network comming from ZFD4.01. As the first XP WS had to be
integrated as substitute for a defective Win2000 I did the upgrade from
ZFD4.01 to ZDM7.0.1_R3 and applied R3 as well.

I created a user policy package directly associated with the "Admin"
object (test purposes), DLU for "Windows XP" using eDir, non volatile.

The DLU process does *NOT* sucessfully work as it should:

1.) Login, OK, the "Novell Login mouse" shows up.
2.) 1-2 seconds, the mouse cursor dissappears, as usually, for 1/2 sec.
3.) The "Novell Login Mouse Cursor" shows up *AGAIN*. With working DLU
now the "Mouse Pointer with Hourglass" would show up. This takes
e.g. 20 seconds.
4.) The local MS logon dialog box pops up. So DLU failes without any
error presented.

For the Win2000 workstations DLU still works fine. That's why Massimo
suspected, that there might be no WinXP-DLU effectively assoc. with the
used user object....

This particular XP Workstation is "DLU"ing without any trouble, when
carried to a totaly different Network (also ZDM7.0.1_R3)

How to get debug information upon this DLU process? There must be some
debugging options -- the Devs for sure had such debug capabilities when
coding DLU...

The upgrade process was going fine without any errors, when ever the
question showed up "upgrade / overwrite" I choose overwrite.

Any suggestions appreciated how to get rid of that trouble.

Regards, Rudi.