I can't win.

So I'm thinking to myself how nice it would be to upgrade from that
broken POS Windows 2000 server to something nice and new like Windows
2008 Server. I'm calling software vendors and getting information about
product support. Most of them say...

Let me start here. Back in December of 2003 we bought a land indexing
system from a small and local software company. It's a good program and
works well. No complaints there. However, they ordered the server from
Dell and it came with Windows 2000 SBS. Windows 2k3 hadn't been out
very long so they didn't support it yet. That's ok.

Jump ahead to 2007. This was the first time our Windows server crapped
out and died. Well, more precisely, a Windows update hosed up the
system. Well, I decided that maybe it was time to upgrade to Windows 2k3
and SQL Server 2005. I thought for sure this was doable. Windows 2k3
was now well supported, but SQL Server 2005 was not... at all.

By this time I was looking at Windows 2k3 small business (r2) package
which comes with SQL Server 2005. I talked to my account rep and he
said that you could not downgrade to SQL Server 2k.

Jump ahead to today. I contact my CDW rep and get a quote for a Windows
Standard Server and SQL Server 2005 Standard. Well he sends me back a
quote for Windows 2008 Standard Server which is reasonable and a quote
for SQL Server (I choked on the sql server quote). So I decided that
maybe buying Windows 2008 Server would be a good idea instead of the
2003 server. With the advice received here I decided to contact all my
software vendors and see if they supported 2008 yet.

And this is what they said... no. ****!!! I realize 2008 hasn't been
out that long, but given how long it took them to support SQL Server
2005 (3 years) it'll be 2011 before they finally support Windows 2008.

It's been a very frustrating two days. I'm very tired and my joints
hurt. I'm just looking for some good news. So far I've had none. I
didn't even save any money on my car insurance by switching to Gecko.

I would really just love to throw my hands in the air and give up.
Oddly I don't blame Microsoft for anything other than crapping up my
server with a windows update. I blame developers for supporting only
the Windows platform, but that's not going to change anytime in the near

I'm gonna close this by saying. Thanks Microsoft. Without you we
wouldn't have any need for IT departments. :P

Everybody have a good weekend.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant