Strange problem. I have a Reverse Proxy setup to an internal webserver. It uses multiple ports (9080 for web and 3000-3007 for video and admin).

We can hit the webserver from the outside, but the video that's on port 3000 doesn't come through. So it appears that ports 3000-3007 are not passing correctly thru the proxy.

This was working before we switched ISPs and reset the server with a different public IP address. I've changed all the filtering and proxy info from the old (working IP address) to the new public IP address.

Any ideas on where to check?

I've enabled logging on the ports and the only port that logged anything was 9080. There's no discarded packets so I don't think it's a filtering problem. I've unchecked Enforce Access Rules, so I don't think it's an access rule problem. I've unloaded and reloaded the proxy after making all the changes. I've loaded and unloaded ipflt after all the changes. I'm stumped.

Any suggestions are welcome.