Cannot re-create SBD Partition
Environment 4 node cluster connected to Brocade FC switches via 2 emulex hba in each server.

I made a decision to create 2 new Luns for the SBD Partition each being 500mb.

Somebackground info:

The current 4 nodes cluster works ok if all paths are connected, but if I try to create a path failure, nodes will randomly receive a poison pill and re-boot. This happens in both active/active and active/standby configuration.
Anyway as part of my testing before moving to production I decided to use 2 new luns for SBD.

Steps taken:

Created 2 - 500 meg luns in san
Re-boot all nodes
Stop multipathd on all nodes
Prep new luns:Nssmu / devices / F3 (init) / F6 (share) on both 500 meg luns
Check for current SBD: Sbdutil –f resulted in /dev/evms/.nodes/Nlcluster.sbd

Did Cluster down and stop service /etc/init.d/novell-ncs stop
Deleted the nlcluster.sbd partition with nssmu
Verified deletion: sbdutil –f resulted in NotFound

Create new SBD
Evmsgui / action / create / segment / Netware seg mgr
Selected the new partition / selected SBD / create
Mirror SBD with evmsgui / segment and mirror the partition / save

Evmsgui did not produce any errors.

Started mpio and rebooted node 1
Tail –f /var/log/messages …..
Searching for SBD partition … not found ………. Repeated about 4 times.
Sbdutil –f produced NotFound
All other nodes did not find sbd also.

I eventually deleted the cluster and re-created a new cluster using the new disks, SBD primary and mirror created during installation.

My question to the forum members is why sbd not work in the first place ?
Did I do something wrong ?
My manager and I are concerned that this will present a huge problem if we were in a live situation with 1000 users and had to re-create SBD and having problems doing it.

Thanks for your comments