I have seen quite a few postings on size limits.

I have a system that has two Post Offices - one for mail and one for doc mgt. Users log into the e-mail PO and get redirected to the doc mgt PO when they need to access files in the libraries ( there are 6 libraries)

I would like to find a utility other than GW Check - maybe a nice Windows GUI app that lists the amount of space each user is using in each PO (or total) that would include all e-mails, sent and received (with attachments) and documents in the libraries.

I would also like to apply space limits to each user. "Client Options" sets it globally, but for each DOM or PO separately, and of course, you can be more granular on a per user basis. Setting the limit on a per user basis is daunting since it has to be done one at a time!

Is there a utility that not only reports consumed space, but also allows you to set the limits?

BTW, why are the disk space limits under the "Send" section of Client Options. Seems like it would be more of an "Environment" option.

Using GW 7.02HP on NW 6.5.6

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