Hi y'all,

For my NetWare server I now have the SAN available, it was previously
being used by my VMware ESX environment. I have 14 disk in there, in
this setup: HS-A1-A1-A1-A1-A1-A1-A2-A2-A2-A2-A2-A2-HS where HS stands
for hotspare, A1 is arry 1 and A2 is array 2. Both arrays are raid5, and
the hotspares are on standby for both arrays. My question is:

What is the best way (performance wise) to put my DATA and APPS volumes
on? Is it best to divide the DATA volume (and maybe the APPS volume)
over arrays 1 and 2 evenly, or doesn't it make any difference? The MSA
has one controller, and the NetWare server has one fibercard.
The DATA volume holds USER and GRP folders.

And, since I am now in *question mode*, what is the best way to move the
data from the local storage to the SAN?

Any input is welcome.

Thanks in advance,