This is a real problem at this moment.

I went through all the normal prep work & tested out multiple times
applying a series of NW6.5 post SP7 updates for our main academic & root
partition server.

Now the after applying


The server WILL NOT BOOT. I suspect a problem with eDir, but right now
I just want to bring it up far enough to get networker to reload so I
can do a full restore of the SYS volume & server specific info.

I will be looking for TIDs in the support site, but before I pull out my
credit card & call Novell - yes, I DID get a DSR_DIB (dsrepair -rc) backup prior to upgrade, I'm hoping someone is out there than can help me out. It is
5:25am EDT in Buffalo, NY, USA.

This is a NW6.5 SP7 which was running eDirectory

On reboot after edir, it hung at httpstk - eventually it came up with
"...process will be set to a safe state" msg, then rebooted the
system. I stepped through with F8 (maintenance mode), and it appears
DS.NLM 10554.34 loaded OK, but then the system hung as it got to the
search add sys:\java\bin line (had to be just a timing thing).

I just mailed this msg to the Novell list out there (Joe Doupnik's realm), but I'm hoping to get an answer soon.

My main question at this late moment: How do I get the server to boot
to the point that I can load Legato Networker to do the restore.