I have a question. I hooked up a media converter (Fiber to CAT5) and it
doesn't work. Why?

Details (the devil is in there somewhere):
Path: Computer -- CAT5e -- media converter -- fiber -- SFP module (switch).

Switch: Netgear FSM7352PS with a AGM731F SFP module.
Cable: 62.5/125 Multi-mode (way less than 300m)
Media Converter: Allied Telesis TX-SX Media Converter (CDW Part #387944)

As far as I can tell the cable is not damaged. I've tested the swith
and the SFP module and verified they are in good working order. I've
tested the cat5 cable and it's in good working order. I've pretty much
narrowed it down to the media converter. My guess is that even though
it's an SX multimode converter it's 850nm wave length isn't compatible
with the AGM731F SFP module or it's just a bad converter.

Any suggestion or advice would be appreciated.

Matthew - The Great System Tyrant