We have a S2S vpn between two BM 3.8.4 servers. At the remote site, the
user has a full GroupWise 7.0.2 client running in caching mode, which
connects to the post office at the home site. Everything will work fine
for about 4 hours, then the GW client will fail to connect. The only way
to recover is to reboot the client system. While the GW client will not
connect, all other services through the tunnel work fine. The servers
never lose contact, and I can even remote the system in question while it
can't connect to GW.
There is nothing scheduled to run every 4 hours on the system or the
servers. The NIC is not set to power off. We sent another system to the
remote site, and brought his back here. The new system at the remote site
does the same thing, but the old system connected to the post
office locally without going through the vpn stays connected.
I looked at the old (2004) post from Craig about making sure the connection
can be initiated from both sides, and it can. Am I missing something?