A friends son bought a used Toshiba 1005 S 157. Not a big deal. Friends son took laptop to friend who fdisked and installed XP Pro (he had updated business machine to Vista Business) he had. Installed new drivers.

Rebooted and it's now asking for CMOS/BIOS password. Won't let you get into BIOS setup or boot from CD as the BIOS password crops up. No Toshiba floppy drive, although I've tried a USB floppy. Phoenix BIOS.

I've researched this and found a BIOS update at the Toshiba site that "fixes" this problem.

BIOS Version 2.00 04-25-2002

* Corrected a problem where, after enabling the supervisor and boot on password, during the password request, pressing "F2" first, will pop up "Entering Setup" message, but the system cannot enter the BIOS setup menu.

From what I've found I'd have to take the laptop to a Toshiba authorized dealer to "fix" the problem. I've not found any tech manuals to access the motherboard to remove the cmos battery (if it has one) I did find a diagram to create a parallel port jumper that "might" work. I've tried all the backdoor CMOS passwords but none work.

Just can't get past that BIOS password problem. What a wonderful way to try my patience.