I've installed GW Mobile and set it up to use Trusted Application.
I've successfully logged into the Intellisync Mobile Suite web page as
a couple of different users. However, at the point where I think I
should see an empty mailbox of sorts, I still see the settings page.

I looked at this TID
1 , but there was "Server Connection" under settings!?!?

So, I thought that I would just delete the user from within users in
the Intellisync Admin Console. I thought it would just automatically
re-create the account when I logged into the web page. BUT, not only
is it not recreating the account, it won't let me log into the web page
anymore, as anyone...It always says, "Authentication for <username>

It has allowed me to login, since I changed it to use Trusted
Application, just not since I deleted that one user...

Any ideas?