Hello. I'm currently running BM3.9 on NW 6.5.6 with iManager 2.6. Going to try upddating this week to sp1, sp7 and 2.7 but in the mean time I'm having troubles with time restrictions.

I have an Access rule setup to only allow access to port 8080 from 0700 - 1500 for the OU= Students, a Group called Time restrictions and my test student user. None seem to work!

I started out with the OU, them moved to a group and when those didn't work, tried just the user.

I have moved the rule to the NO.2 position (NO.1 is to allow my w/s IP address access to all ) and that did not work either.

So what am I doing wrong? Please - it is getting down to the wire - school starting and I would really like to have this working.

Thanks //Bill