I have two questions.

1. Does anyone have a list of feature comparison between Office Communcations Server and Conferencing? Basically a demo of Communications Server really got my boss excited but since we are a mostly novell shop I would like to keep everything novell if possible.

2. I was also curious how close novell was to getting the integrations with Groupwise, Conferencing, Messaging, and VOIP/PBX integrations that the Communcations Server has with the microsoft stack.

3. For implementing a VOIP PBX coexistance, what kind of questions should I ask our phone guy to know what kind of hardware we have and what would be needed to tie the systems together.

I have almost zero knowledge of PBX and the phone guy is not a fan of VOIP so he's not being terribly helpful. But the boss wants to investigate this and I'm incilned to agree if the answers to my first question are good. The phone guy will come around i think if we can manage this without upseting his current phone setup too much.