Dear all,

we are trying to build up a two node cluster (NW6.5 SP7 + all patches) based on two HP DL380 G4 + MSA500. The servers both have two Smart Array 642 conrollers inside connecting them redundantly to the MSA.
For multipathing we want to use the NetWare built-in functionality.
Configuration of startup.ncf:
load acpidrv.psm
load lsimpe.cdm
load cpqshd.cdm
load idecd.cdm
load ideata.ham slot=10024
load cpqraid.ham slot=4
load cpqraid.ham slot=5
load keyb.nlm germany
load charset.nlm cp850
load hpqciss

Everything is running fine: MSA is shown only once from each server, multipath options in NSSMU are shown as normal.
Problem: When trying to access the 642 controllers with cpqonlin, we receive an error: "Could not stamp M&P information". Also we do not see the MSA in the HP Insight Manager (which is a problem because the server is on a remote site).
HP modules from PSP 8.00 are installed.

Any idea?