I have a user who can't add any contacts. She gets an error stating that the maximum number of contacts is 100 but she only has 16. When I edit the properties of her user object in ConsoleOne on the Novell Messenger-Contact List tab, the contacts and folders fields are blanked out. Our policy is set to 100 contacts and 50 folders and those values show up when I edit other users, just not her. I typed in values in those fields but the 'OK' button stays greyed out as if I never entered any values. I also tried using the up/down arrows for those fields to input a value but again, the 'OK' button stays greyed out. On other users, in the same context, I can input values and click the OK button.

I tried TID#10094732 and added her context, clicked apply, removed her context, clicked OK and then unloaded/re-loaded the messenger agent but no luck. Our policy has the root of our tree, I had just tried adding and then removing her specific context.

I also tried disabling and then re-enabling messenger for the user as well as removing the novell messenger poicy and then re-adding for the user but no luck.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.