Anyone using hard drive encryption in their environment?

I'm especially curious with McAfee Safeboot (now it's got a diff. name)
and Pointsec for PC

We've tried Pointsec for PC and it replaces the gina with its own (not
necessarily bad), but in doing so, it breaks the Novell "nwelcome.bmp"
from working properly (ie, you don't see it at all, you just get the
"login" screen). AND, it changes the Novell client login screen to have
the Pointsec logo on it (which is okay, but still) . . .

Unfortunately we are using the nwelcome.bmp for our legal disclaimer
(because the "MS" method sucks).

Anyone have experience with either one and pros/cons and how well it
works (or doesn't) with Novell client?