We are testing NSS running OES2 on VMware. All partitions are extended using EVMS. The server was hung, no authentications were taking place, and the server was restarted. Once restarted I was unable to type anything in the user name field. On the log in page of the server was a message stating that authentication failed, even though I could not type anything in the user name field. A couple more reboots and the same issue. In addition, I could not ssh into the server, nor could any user authenticate. I rebooted using failsafe mode and was able to login and eDirectory began to communicate.

My question is how do I trouble shoot this? I saw nothing in the logs to point me in the right direction. Appears to be an issue with init 5. When in failsafe I started init 5 and same issues.

We also booted from cd and tried to repair the server. Does these repair utilities such fsck work with EVMS.