Hello all ...

.... installed Novell OES2 + iPrint in a cluster environment.
iPrint runs fine - but distributing printer drivers fails.

When trying to install drivers from the driver store i get
the message
iPrint Printer - The printer encountered unknown
error 1344

There are several printers and drivers installed.
All drivers are uploaded the same way. Some drivers can be installed
without problems - some not.
I had just one lucky case where deleting the driver and uploading again
was helpful - but is was succewssful just once. This driver works now -
but a couple of others do not - regardles how often i delete and upload

The Apache Error Log reports Error 193:
[Tue Jul 29 11:22:15 2007] [warn] IPP Operation error=540, operation=21
[Tue Jul 29 11:22:30 2007] [warn] SRVR_ERR_IDS_ERROR;
GetResourceData() returned 193 in ProcessGetInstallFilesReq()

I found an older thread here - but it did not help.
CUPS is not installed

I also found TID 3484700, with no result. All permissions are set as

Thanx ... M.