Submitted for your consideration: This is a 100% true story, all of the
details are true and experienced by me, and pretty much without

My wife and kids are at the shore with relatives while I "slave over a
hot network"... so I'm pretty much able to act on my most base urges -
and speaking as a guy, there are many. So its 10PM and I forgot my
laptop charger and had a salty snack craving so I popped into my office
( I live 8 blocks away ) and went to the food market.

I was craving my favorite potato chips: Utz Sweet and Smokey. "Tasty
and with just the right amount of MSG." So I'm standing in the belly of
the beats, the guts of the snack cavern, all freshly stocked.

There was another guy there as well, staring aimlessly at a sea of chips
- searching - yearning. I commented that they have everything but the
brand I seek. He replies, "Yeah, its nuts! If you happen to see the
Utz Sweet and Smokey, tell me."


I said, "You've got to be kidding me, that's what I'm looking for too!
What are the odds of that!" So we are about to give up, but wait...
there was a gaping hole in the perfectly stocked shelves. It was,
indeed the sweet and smokey chips. Way in the back there appeared to
be a single bag left.

I graciously conceded him dibs... But wait... there were exactly TWO
bags left. Creepy! As if the sum total of the Big Bang and all that
followed and millions of years of human evolution led to this one event
of synchronicity.

So we both made out way to the checkout. Then from the right we see
this guy, fully dressed in a gorilla suit, carrying... I kid not... a
bunch of bananas! He walks up to the checkout, pays cash for his
bananas and exits the market.

-- Bob

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