Hi We run both Novell Netware 6.5 SP7 DNS and Microsoft DNS Win2k03
(Latest fixes etc etc)

Anyhow we currently had AD DNS for Active Directory and Novell DNS for
everything else.

The Novell DNS has delegated Access and runs on our cluster services.
The Novell DNS is a secondary for MS AD DNS...

I would like to get rid of the AD DNS. We recently had a problem where
the single server that my Novell DNS server points to timed out (I can't
see any way to listing multiple DNS servers for the secondary server to

We did not remember that this was critical for DNS and the TTL on the
records timed out. This replication then went up to the other UNI DNS
server and low and behold it took 28 hours (ish) before some users could

If we only had the Novell DNS this would not have happened (as we
require this for other services and would have been aware that it is not
working. Also it should make our life easier if we removed the AD DNS

1) Are MS requirements for DNS meet by Novell Netware SP 7
2) Will this work... (I mean I keep hearing interoperability... between
MS and Novell...)