here is the scenario.
I have a document in a library that I created. access is set to view for all "general users"
There is a resource for a job "C1000" that is owned by the admin account not me.
I have full proxy access to that resource.
The resource has a search folder that shows all documents that are assign to it (there is a custom field for job number that it searches by)

so far so good.

when I proxy to the resource and look in the search folder all the relevant documents show up.
I can right click on documents and see and edit the properties, sharing, version, activity log. I can even check out the document.
the activity log shows the action as performed by me.
this is the same for all documents not just the one I authored.


I cannot open the documents (most of them are pdfs and will open fine when I am in my own account) double clicking them does nothing and the open and view menu items are greyed out in the actions menu.

If I proxy to the same job resource from the admin account (who is the owner) I can open any documents from the folder.

have I missed a level of security somewhere?
when I proxy to the job resource do I not carry forward my own sharing?

any ideas would be a great help.
please don't tell me it is not possible...