I'm enabling cifs (after the fact) on some of my clustered resources. So
far this has been a real hit and miss affair.

Initially I enabled cifs on the virtual server object in consoleone just
as I would any ncp server. However, the load script was not being
updated automatically. This was being done automatically in my test
environment. So I tried it in iManager. However, the virtual server is
not reading the cifs information correctly in iManager - it certainly is
not what I entered in consoleone. I am unable to edit the Authentication
information and the wins address is removed after I click apply/OK and
refresh the screen.

When I online the resource, the volume is Cifs enabled on the host
server but the windows name I gave it <virtualserver>-w is not added to
the cifs configuration on the host. So I can browse to the clustered
resource via the host cifs configuration.

I am starting to think I have mangled the cifs attributes on the ncp
server object so my questions are:

1. Is there an easy way to remove all cifs information from the ncp
server object without deleting it and recreating it.

2. What is the best tool for cifs configuration, or the one I should be
using? Consoleone or iManager?

So far, this seems to be the only hiccup I've come accross in my
clustering sojourn (aside from figuring out why the naming information I
enter into nssmu is ignored).

Thanks in advance,