I'm using netware 5 SP 7

It is a fresh install.

It has...
Archive Versioning 
Case Sensitive Password 
Login Management and Password Management 
Cluster Services 
DHCP Management for NetWare 
DNS Management
eDirectory88 Plugins
eDirectory Backup and Restore  
eDirectory Extended Native Libraries 
eDirectory Import Convert Export (ICE) 
eDirectory Merge 
eDirectory Repair and Logfile 
eDirectory Service Management 
Encrypted Attributes 
Encrypted Replication 
File Manager Plugin 
iFolder Module 
iManager Base Content 
iManager Framework Content 
iPrint NetWare Management Plug-in 
LDAP Management 
LinuxUserManagement Module 
NetStorage Management 
NMAS Plug-ins for iManager 
Novell Certificate Server Plug-ins for iManager 
Novell Filtered Replica Management Plug-ins 
Novell Identity Manager - eMail Notification Con 
Novell Identity Manager - Password Management 
Novell iManager Content - Shared Content 
Novell iManager Password Management 
Novell Kerberos Plugin 
Novell Licensing Services Plugins 
Priority Sync 
QuickFinder Server Management 
Samba Management 
SMS Module 
Storage Management 
Storage Shared 
WAN Traffic
I am trying to create it as a file server so that windows and linux OS mount it and use it. But I can't get it after repeated attempts. IPX "sharing" seems to be working fine.

CIFS Attempt
I went to https://localhost:8008 and access iManager.
File Protocols -> Netware CIFS
Entered server name that i provided during the installation, click Enable CIFS.

Error: Storage Error
File Protocol error occurred: Invalid object entry type
Whats wrong here.....

NFS (Netware) Attempt
Went to NFS (Netware)
Entered server name or tree name or whatever name, no effect.
The start button is disabled.

What's wrong ....

are there any guides to these things ???
I have totally no idea what to do with this thing...