I have a Netware 6.5.7 server running with a DFS junction (ServerA_vol1:\folder\subfolder\junction\) pointing to another NW 6.5.7 server (ServerB_vol2:\folder1\) Using the Novell Client 4.9 sp4 we have no problems making the connection across the junction. However using a pure Micro$oft or Linux machine (no ncp clients) we cannot make it passed the junction. Receive an error stating "ServerA_vol1:\folder\subfolder\junction\ is not accessible. You might not have permissions..... Network path not found." In Windows, checking the properties of the junction > DFS tab its set to Active=yes and Status=Okay. Same settings appear if I go to ServerB_vol2:\folder1\ . I can see both volumes in the servers as there are cifs shares set at the root of each volume. Just we get a failure at the DFS junction. Any one have thoughts as to why?