I'm new to Novell and NSS and I need conformation on something.

It is my understanding that NSS works the following way:

a device: is a logical disk from a Hardware array or a LUN form a SAN

a partition: part or all of the logical disk or LUN

a pool: is a collection of partitions (max 4) created on/from those
devices. (max size = 8 TB)

a NSS Volume: is made up of one or more partitions within a pool.

1) Can a NSS Volume use only a part of a partition or does it need to used
the whole thing?

2) If you have 2 NSS volumes in a pool can you expand the first one past
the second?
below is a basic visual
pool | VOL1 - VOL2 - VOL1-expanded |

3) Is the limit of a NSS volume 8 TB which is the Pool limit (4 - 2 TB
partitons) ?

4) Can NSS volumes span pools ?