If this issue has been previously addressed, I appologize. I searched the forums first and could not find a similar thread.

We recently purchase ZENworks 10 Configuration Management, and I am having some trouble getting it to start the installer. The installer loads, but after I agree to the EULA and click next I just hangs at the next step saying, “Please wait, ZENworks Configuration Management is being configured for your system. This may take a moment…”. I let it go all night and it never moved. The installer is using 0% CPU at this step. I did see that the installer processes were running in 32-bit mode (it’s a 64-bit server), so perhaps that’s part of the problem. The server is Windows 2008 Server Standard 64-bit edition running in a VMware ESX server virtualized environment. The installation guide said that both 64-bit Server 2008 and VMware were supported. There is apparently a known issue for a similar setup in server 2003:

“3.2.1 Configuration Management installation hangs when installing a ZENworks MSI using VMware or a share on 64-bit Windows 2003 Server
If you are running the installation to a 64-bit Windows device through either a share on a VMware* host or another network drive, the installation might hang when attempting to install a ZENworks MSI.

Workaround: Cancel the installation, kill the hung msiexe.exe process in the process viewer, copy the ZENworks installation folders to the local device, then re-run the installation.”

I tried this and it still has the same issue. I was installing from the DVD iso anyway (mounted in VMware), and not a share. I have also verified that I have the prerequisite software installed (.NET 2.0). Since the installer seems to be java based, I also tried with and without the latest Java Runtime (although this is not mentioned as a prerequisite). As a last resort, it might work if I try 32-bit Server instead although it may not be able to detect all of our RAM (4GB). Anyone know of a solution or a good work around for this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.