I currently have a NetWare 6.5 sp7 server running ZENworks 7 Desktop Management.
The server registry show the following Zen services/versions

ZfD ver.
Inventory Server ver.
Remote Management server ver.
Inventory Database server ver.
NAL Database server ver.
Application Management server ver.
Imaging Server ver.
PXE server ver.
Workstation Import server ver.

I need to upgrade eDirectory on this server to eDir 8.8.2. It is currently
at eDir According to Novell’s documentation, before upgrading eDirectory,
I will need to upgrade ZENworks to ZDM7SP1 IR3a.

My first question is the upgrade path to ZDM7SP1 IR3a. I think I need to
apply ZDMSP1 r2 first, and then ZDM7SP1 IR3a. Is this correct.

Secondly, do either of the patches require or force an update to the Zen
client on my managed workstations?

Third, any suggestions, gotchas, or things I should look out for?

Thanks, Gary