I downloaded the ZCM10.0.3 iso from the Novell site using FlashGet as recommended by the Novell Techies. After the download I ran WinMD5 to see if the checksum was correct - it was. So I FTP'd (using psftp) it to my Linux server expecting the checksum (MD5SUM) to also be the same. But it came back with "./MD5SUM.md5: line1: e3d78080bfc49d89113c55cf4b7c4fb4: command not found" along with lines 2,3 and 4 with similar "...:command not found" The install (as expected) did not run properly as it skipped over the naming of the Management Zone. How can the checksum change so drastically? Am I incorrectly using MD5SUM? or was it a bad upload to Linux?