yes we are running GW7,
the documents that show in the search folder are related to my permissions.
ie documents that are not shared to all, or to me will not show up.
documents shared to me only will show up in the search folder of the proxied resource. the same as if I was accessing the library from my own account or had created an identical search folder.
If I proxy from another account then that particular document that was shared to me only, does not show up.
so it is taking some security information from the base account to use in the proxied resource.
its just missing that final step of being able to open the document.

also if you are the owner of the resources then it behaves as if you are accessing the documents directly and they all open etc. which makes sense.

not sure what the workaround is, except noting the doc number and returning to your account and accessing the document that way. which kind of defeats the purpose of the "one stop shop" concept.


>>> PatM<> 31/07/2008 1:00 am >>>

"Not for documents, they have their own security system "
If I understand his note--Docs should not show up at all when proxied into
another account? I know in ver 6.5, proxying into another account and
clicking on a search folder for docs will just say 0 docs found. Did this
change in ver 7, which we are planning on implementing next month (or does
it have something to do with the fact that it is a resource being proxied
into). Bruce, what version are you running? thanks.

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>>when I proxy to the job resource do I not carry forward my own sharing?

> Not for documents, they have their own security system - see TID 10080972
> But if it is just a search folder, can't you just recreate that folder
> within your own account ?
> Cheers Dave
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