Hi Experts,

I'm trying to confirm a few details about Novell iPrint (esp Direct Printing).

1) If the Server / WAN Link to Remote Server which hosts the iPrint Manager is down, can the users still print? (Security Not Enabled)

2) If I enable Direct Printing on the server for existing printers, will the clients/users be automatically updated? Or is a reinstallation required?

3) If I have multiple existing print managers each loaded using different DNS Names, and I consolidate all printer agents to a single server/manager, Can I avoid user impact by adding DNS aliases to the server (I cannot obviously load the central manager with multiple /dnsname switches.) Will this scenario trigger a printer reinstallation, will it require a manual reinstallation, or will it be transparent to the user?

4) What is the impact of the /NOSNMP switch? Will it improve performance?

Appreciate your input.

Thanks and Regards,