I' trying to distribute zfdagent.msi from zdm70sp1_ir3a package using NAL.
Our workstations currently have the agent from ZDM70SP1 IR1 installed.

I created the new MSI application, set it to 'run as secure system user'
and 'distribute in workstation security space if workstation associated'.
Reboot is set to "Always" and "Don't prompt". Then I associated the app
with couple of test workstations and rebooted them.

The application gets distributed OK, but the workstation does not reboot.
In Windows Event log, the process ends with these messages:

Product: ZENworks Desktop Management Agent -- Installation operation
completed successfully.

The Windows Installer initiated a system restart to complete or continue
the configuration of 'ZENworks Desktop Management Agent'.

When I manually reboot the machine, everything seems to function normally.
But I would like the reboot to happen automatically. What should I do? I
don't remember having such problem when I previously upgraded the agent