We were busy a lot, major power problem in the last 2 weeks.

If I understand right, to have the access-rule working I need the
'reverse-proxy authentification' enabled.

We'll install it this way.

I heard about some features of the next BorderManager, I'll be looking
in to this.


Craig Johnson a crit :

> In article <>,

> wrote:
> > But it allows everything again. Should this setting be use with

> > general proxy auth.?

> The 'enable authentication' box tells reverse proxy to check access> rules, so you have to look at the rules to see what is allowed.
> >
> > Will it end up asking an auth. with users aroun the globe for

access to
> > my web site?

> That is a concern, and I'm trying to work that out now. If you

> authentication only when users access a restricted site' in the
> Authentication Context menu in NWADMN32, BMgr Setup, you can do

> proxy authentication with the appropriate access rule structure.
> > My web site is using SSL will it conflict?
> >

> It might. SSL Proxy authentication on reverse proxy AND passing SSL

> authentication through to a web server is something that never was
> possible.
> Craig Johnson
> Novell Support Connection SysOp
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