I am running NetWare 6.5 SP7. DNS server is setup to host internal domain name and all other DNS lookup will be forwarded to my ISP's name server.

I used the DoxPara Research link and ran the DNS check. It returned:

Your name server, at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, appears to be safe, but make sure the ports listed below aren't following an obvious pattern (:1001, :1002, :1003, or :30000, :30020, :30100...).
Requests seen for 00ea2459b848.doxdns5.com:
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:42203 TXID=21965
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:39542 TXID=23661
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:10614 TXID=14500
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:39328 TXID=26832
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:11023 TXID=30968

Should I install the new patch on my NetWare server? It said mandatory but the above check returns my ISP's DNS server IP.

I am running eDir and plan to upgrade to 8.8.2 in 2 weeks. Will the new named run on the current eDir version?