We have a NetWare 6.5 SP7, running on a Dell PE2950 that I'm preparing
to be the target server on a migration.

The PERC 5/i has Firmware 5.2.1-0067, Rev. A07 applied.

The MEGA_SAS.HAM (auto-selected on the NW 6.5 install) shows as SLOT=10026.
The version and date for this module was: 1.06.05, Aug. 23, 2007.
As a test, I reverted back to the latest version on Dell's site, which is: 1.04.04, May 23, 2007
.. . . but the problem exists.

Novell Remote Manager shows our two RAIDs, under its adapter, using TIDs 0, 1.

Our SYS volume is on a RAID 1 . . . its volume and a couple of others are properly
loading, but iManager doesn't detect the RAID 5 space.

How can I get iManager to recognize our other Logical Volume?