OK Q1 is closed with Ben leading and a 3 way tie for 2nd between
Robert, Patrick, and LurkerKG.

Question 1 - What was that column labeled?
Answer - Medical Insurance.

This was a running joke amoung the cast during the 3 years of the show.

Now for Question 2 With bonus points available-
Background: After the popularity of a band in 1966, the producers
decided to introduce Ensign Pavel Chekov in the second season in order
to attract more teenage viewers, especially girls, to the show. Walter
Koenig was selected due to his resemblance to the lead singer.

Chekov's heritage was made Russian to honor the fact that the Soviet
Union was the first to enter space.

Who was the lead singer, or what is the Bands name?

Bonus - What was the seasonn 1 Yoeman's name that had a crush on the
Captain, but was dropped at the end of the first season due to a
serious drinking problem?

Timothy Leerhoff
"People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news."
- AJ Liebling