Sorry for the delay in getting back on-line. Thanks to all 3 for your

responses. I think a little more info may help shed more light. The
is configured in the Cisco router which is managed by our ISP (I can't
in to make changes but they say they're not blocking TCP ports 1720,
3231 and UDP ports 3230-3235 which are used by the Polycom). This
router represents the primary gateway out to the Net and the BM server
a second gateway used primarily to direct workstations through for
security (HTTP/FTP proxy). The BM server routes all it's traffic
the cisco router which, with the PIX, is our main firewall and VPN. Anyway, the Polycom has a hard-coded IP address and points directly to
Cisco router as its gateway. Shouldn't that take the BM server out of
equation? But I still can't receive a call. I am able to call out
successfully and I'm also able to hook up point to point across the
Unfortunately, these Polycoms can only do point to point so it takes a

call out to an external vendor to hook up several clients. I think I
need to speak to my ISP again??? Any more thoughts, anyone?