I've been reading through the clustering documentation but it all talks
about new NSS volumes.

I have a couple of servers with SAN volumes that I wish to move into a
cluster. What is the best way to do this? I have tried the following
with two test volumes but have hit hiccups each time.

ServerA is non-clustered and ServerB and ServerC are in a two node cluster.

I have been trying this method:

1. deactivate the pool on ServerA
2. remove the SAN lun from ServerA and present to ServerB and ServerC
3. Delete the pool and volume edir objects associated to ServerA
4. mount pool on ServerB and update edir with new objects
5. deactivate pool and share device
6. mount pool again and update edir with pool and volume again
7. Create cluster resource
8. Test failover

The problems I have found are. On an existing nss partition that came
from a non-clustered server, each time I migrate the resource the new
server checks ownership of the nss pool and takes up to 30 seconds to
mount. On a freshly created nss partition I don't see the above, it just
fails over instantly.

To stop the servers checking ownership each time, I shutdown the entire
cluster and started it up again. This seemed to fix the problem.

I don't understand how or why. So to prevent this in the future, what is
the suggested best method for migrating existing NSS san volumes into a
new cluster?

Thanks for all and any assistance. I'm really starting to enjoy this
clustering stuff :-)