I have a server I am trying to nurse along which was struck by a hardware
failure a few weeks ago. After replacing the motherboard, for the life of me
I cannot get it to detect the second built-in LAN port. It's a generic Intel
"SDS2" motherboard, and the Intel CE100B.LAN driver can only find one port
in the repaired machine. It always says there is a device conflict when I
try to load it again for the other port.

When I install Windows 2003 on the exact same hardware using some spare hard
drives, Windows is able to find and use both LAN ports without any problem.

I know it is a horrific kludge, but I decided to try a test, migrating it
into a VMWare Server (free version) in this Win 2003......the idea is that
since Windows can find the LAN ports properly, then maybe I could use the
LAN ports correctly within VMWare Server.

Well the migration went okay (split DOS volume into one virtual SCSI drive,
SYS volume on another virtual SCSI drive), but now I absolutely cannot get
the migrated server to recognize either the VMWare Server LAN ports
(PCNTW.LAN) or the SCSI interface (LSI Logic, LSIMPTNW.HAM) and so I cannot
mount the migrated SYS volume.

It appears something is majorly screwed up in the C:\NWSERVER directory of
the original drives, but I cannot determine what is the problem. Clearing
the STARTUP.NCF and removing the SVRCFG.NBK has no effect on the VMWare
device detection. It still repeatedly fails saying no SCSI hardware
detected, and the same with the PCNTW.LAN driver.

As an experiment I created a new very simple NW65SP7 server in VMWare Server
using the install CDs, splitting the DOS partition onto one SCSI drive, and
SYS onto another. This fresh install detects the VMWare devices with
absolutely no problems whatsoever, as I would expect.

I then modified my original screwed-up migrated VMWare config to boot with
this fresh new DOS partition using the old SYS volume. This also boots right
up and finds all the drivers with no problems. So this shows that the
problem is not in VMWare's emulation..

As an aside, my chimera Netware test setup did complain a little when
mounting the old SYS volume with a different DOS boot partition, and not all
seemed quite right with the NDS, but that cleared up after a reboot....... I
have never heard of anyone splicing a different Server DOS boot partition
with an old SYS volume, so future stability with this test setup in
production use would be totally unknown and probably not a good idea... (I
would use it, if it could be an easy fix to this driver problem.)

So what else can I check in the original screwed-up Netware boot partition
to get it to properly detect the VMWare LAN and SCSI? STARTUP.NCF and
SVRCFG.NBK are the two main hardware related config files in C:\ that I am
aware of and clearing both of those does not help.

Both the working and nonworking boot partitions load MPS14.CDM so that isn't
the problem.

Maybe it just comes down to simple file corruption in some critical DOS boot
file? I think I see a barebone server rebuild/replacement project in my
future.. :-/

- Dale Mahalko