When we upgraded to NBM 3.9 SP1, we ran into an issue where it appeared that sometimes a rule would be applied and sometimes it wouldn't be. After opening up an incident with Novell we found that you need to click the 'Apply Changes' button after adding a rule, then monitor the server and wait until the server has indicated it has read the rules. Then click the 'Apply Changes' button again to get it to re-read the rules. This time it would be correct.

We could see this with about 60 rules. If we added another one (which should put the count to 61) then clicked 'Apply Changes' the Server console would come back and say 'Read 60 rules'. If we then clicked the 'Apply Changes' button again it would come back and say 'Read 61 rules'!

This bit us because we put in a rule at the top of the list that had a bug in it that we didn't realize. We clicked 'Apply changes' and left it at that. Everything continued to work because the new rule hadn't really been read. Then the next time that NBM automatically read the rules, it now incorporated the new rule with the bug and that caused us problems.