I have Windows Server 2003 Standard on C. D is where I've installed SQL 2005 Workgroup Ed. I want to additionally install endpoint on D as well. When I run endpoint single server install, I can only gather that it is looking to C drive no matter what for OSQL.exe even though it is located under D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn. Yesterday I ended up uninstalling from D and installing to C where osql was then located in same directory path but on C and ZESM was happy to install, but I didn't finish the installation because ultimately I don't want really anything but the OS on C. I thought that I would then at least try to locate the sql data folder on D and redirect sql to the new location for the databases. SQL was fine with this but endpoint wasn't. So, here I am this morning. I formatted and reinstalled the OS on C so as to start clean today. I installed sql on D again. Again, endpoint doesn't see the osql on D. I even thought I might try to trick it by copying the Tools folder over to C drive but created the same path. No dice. Is my goal here even possible? Or am I just going to have to bit the bullet and create one big C partition and install everything to it? This server will be dedicated solely to endpoint if that makes a difference. Thank you for your thoughts.