We are running BM3.7 on NW5.1SP5. I updated the cpfilter.nlm and redid
the rules for Surfcontrol. We had several days with no abends and then
showed up again. It is pasted below. Any ideas what might be causing


Server BORDER halted Tuesday, February 25, 2003 11:45:44.589 pm
Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.00k: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0010 SS = 0010
EAX = 00000000 EBX = C0A8DB25 ECX = D6AE6F20 EDX = 00000000
ESI = C0A8DDF5 EDI = 00000000 EBP = C60E2288 ESP = C60E2254
EIP = D6A8CEC7 FLAGS = 00010246
D6A8CEC7 8B570C MOV EDX,[EDI+0C]=?
EIP in CPFILTER.NLM at code start +00005EC7h
Access Location: 0x0000000C

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
D6A8CECA 895608 MOV [ESI+08],EDX
D6A8CED0 89470C MOV [EDI+0C],EAX
D6A8CED3 8B4E08 MOV ECX,[ESI+08]
D6A8CED8 7509 JNZ D6A8CEE3

Running process: CPFILTER 2 Process
Created by: NetWare Application
Thread Owned by NLM: CPFILTER.NLM
Stack pointer: C60E22E0
OS Stack limit: C60DE540
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 5050100 (Delayed)
Stack: --0000000A ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
00013EAD (LOADER.EXE|(Code Start)+C7D)
--00000000 ?
--C60E22A8 ?
D6A8C518 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+5518)
--FFFF0010 ?
--000CEF6C ?
--000027D6 ?
--0000000A ?
--01EDF2C9 ?
00013EAD (LOADER.EXE|(Code Start)+C7D)
--00000001 ?
--C60E22A8 ?
D6A8C541 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+5541)
--C0A8D6CD ?
--C0A8D6C5 ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--C0A8DDA5 ?
00013EAB (LOADER.EXE|(Code Start)+C7B)
--C0A8DDB9 ?
--C60E22CC ?
D6A8C7C9 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+57C9)
--C60E2394 ?
--C0A8DDAD ?
--C0A8D4BD ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--C0A889D1 ?
00013EA9 (LOADER.EXE|(Code Start)+C79)
--C0A889E5 ?
--C60E22F0 ?
D6A8C3F9 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+53F9)
--C60E2394 ?
--C0A889D9 ?
--C0A89011 ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--C0A77BF9 ?
00013EA7 (LOADER.EXE|(Code Start)+C77)
--C0A77C0D ?
--C60E2314 ?
D6A8C887 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+5887)
--C60E2394 ?
--C0A77C05 ?
--C0A78441 ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--C0A7AB29 ?
00013EA5 (LOADER.EXE|(Code Start)+C75)
--C0A7AB3D ?
--C60E2338 ?
D6A8C3F9 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+53F9)
--C60E2394 ?
--C0A7AB31 ?
--C0A76FC9 ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--C0A76899 ?
00013EA3 (LOADER.EXE|(Code Start)+C73)
--C0A768AD ?
--C60E235C ?
D6A8C4B7 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+54B7)
--C60E2394 ?
--C0A768A5 ?
--C0A38599 ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--C0A38391 ?
00013EA1 (LOADER.EXE|(Code Start)+C71)
--C0A383A5 ?
--C60E2380 ?
D6A8C887 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+5887)
--C60E2394 ?
--C0A3839D ?
--C0A383B9 ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--000027D6 ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--000CEF6C ?
--C60E23B4 ?
D6A8C074 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+5074)
--C60E2394 ?
--BB7FBA80 ?
--00002BA5 ?
--FFFF0010 ?
--000CEF6C ?
--000027D6 ?
--0000000A ?
--00000002 ?
--000697E3 (SERVER.NLM|titleBarSaveBuffer+96A3)
--000CEF6C ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--C60E23D0 ?
--BB7FBA80 ?
--000CEF6C ?
--D6AE6F20 ?
--07220000 ?
-D6AA5E97 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Data Start)+1E97)
--C60E23DC ?
D6A8BE1A (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+4E1A)
-D6AA5E97 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Data Start)+1E97)
--C60E2410 ?
D6A8BCB2 (CPFILTER.NLM|(Code Start)+4CB2)

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in CPFILTER.NLM. The

problem may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a
owned by CPFILTER.NLM.

Loaded Modules:
PROXY.NLM Novell Internet Proxy Server NLM PXY31_Domestic
Version 3.70o May 20, 2002
Code Address: C63E1000h Length: 000BC944h
Data Address: C649F000h Length: 00092040h
NLSLRUP.NLM Novell License Metering
Version 2.00b May 21, 2002
Code Address: C6043000h Length: 0002C66Ah
Data Address: C6071000h Length: 0000B470h
BRDMON.NLM Border Service SNMP/NCP Monitor NLM PXY024
Version 3.60b September 14, 2001
Code Address: C5FD7000h Length: 0000198Eh
Data Address: C5FDA000h Length: 000069B8h
AUTHCHK.NLM Novell Background Authentication NLM PXY370_1
Version 3.70a February 15, 2002
Code Address: C8393000h Length: 00001BFDh
Data Address: C8396000h Length: 00002940h
PROXYCFG.NLM Novell Proxy Configuration NLM PXY370_4
Version 3.70d March 5, 2002
Code Address: C8334000h Length: 00013E0Ah
Data Address: C8349000h Length: 00004554h
Version 3.70g March 28, 2002
Code Address: C8280000h Length: 0001A282h
Data Address: C829C000h Length: 0003BE4Ch
IPXF.NLM IPX Fragmentation Layer
Version 3.10a May 19, 1998
Code Address: D06DB000h Length: 000017D9h
Data Address: D06DE000h Length: 00004180h
HWDETECT.NLM Novell Hardware Insertion/Removal Detection
Version 1.18 April 3, 2000
Code Address: D065D000h Length: 00002AA3h
Data Address: D0661000h Length: 00000D30h
ACSNAP.NLM ActivCard ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.00 May 31, 1999
Code Address: D056C000h Length: 000129FBh
Data Address: D0580000h Length: 00006F20h
NBMALERT.NLM Novell Border Manager Alert Utility BM35_G.01
Version 1.05a May 19, 1999
Code Address: D0476000h Length: 00003AB5h
Data Address: D047B000h Length: 000012C0h
NWTRAP.NLM NetWare 5.x Trap Monitor
Version 5.00a May 23, 2000
Code Address: D0081000h Length: 000065F3h
Data Address: D042C000h Length: 0000A2D0h
NTREND.NLM NetWare 5.x Trend MIB
Version 5.00b May 23, 2000
Code Address: D6CFD000h Length: 0000D022h
Data Address: D6DA7000h Length: 000048C8h
MWISE.NLM ManageWise License Check
Version 2.01a April 29, 1998
Code Address: D6B21000h Length: 000000A2h
Data Address: D6B23000h Length: 0000000Ch
CPFILTER.NLM SurfControl Content Database
Version 5.00d April 12, 2002
Code Address: D6A87000h Length: 0001BD94h
Data Address: D6AA4000h Length: 0000E4B5h
Version 4.10s June 17, 2002
Code Address: D67F3000h Length: 00013480h
Data Address: D6808000h Length: 00002638h
RADCLNT.NLM Novell Radius Client ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.01 June 14, 2000
Code Address: D65C3000h Length: 000025F0h
Data Address: D65C7000h Length: 00000604h
BRDSRV.NLM Novell Border Server Service NLM PXY024
Version 3.60b September 14, 2001
Code Address: D64FE000h Length: 00002A9Fh
Data Address: D6502000h Length: 00001470h
CSATPXY.NLM CS Audit Trail Proxy Agent
Version 2.00a February 1, 2002
Code Address: D64E6000h Length: 0000231Ch
Data Address: D64EA000h Length: 00000AD0h
LIC_API.NLM License APIs IP020A.G03
Version 2.01 June 30, 1997
Code Address: D64BE000h Length: 000019D8h
Data Address: D64C1000h Length: 000007E8h
NADMSNAP.NLM Novell ADM Authentication Provider
Version 1.10 May 31, 1999
Code Address: D647C000h Length: 0000F321h
Data Address: D648D000h Length: 00001978h
Version 3.70 January 11, 2002
Code Address: D6250000h Length: 00034056h
Data Address: D6286000h Length: 00014D70h
BMLICMGR.NLM BorderManager License Manager
Version 1.00a February 8, 2002
Code Address: D5BE2000h Length: 0000CE1Ch
Data Address: D5BF0000h Length: 00000D30h
ADM.NLM Novell Authentication Device Manager
Version 2.66 February 25, 2002
Code Address: D5BB0000h Length: 00009E58h
Data Address: D5BBB000h Length: 00002994h
CRON.NLM NetWare Scheduler
Version 1.70 June 8, 1998
Code Address: D4B87000h Length: 00000BFCh
Data Address: D4B89000h Length: 00000308h
LBURP.NLM LDAP Bulkload Update/Replication Protocol service
for Novell eDirectory 8.6.
Version 10210.44 November 20, 2001
Code Address: D4B5F000h Length: 0000109Ch
Data Address: D4B62000h Length: 000003F4h
NDSIMON.NLM NDS iMonitor 1.5.1
Version 10210.07 November 19, 2001
Code Address: D4396000h Length: 000BD081h
Data Address: D488C000h Length: 0004B6CEh
LDAPXS.NLM NetWare Extension Server for LDAP SDK
Version 2.01 October 19, 2001
Code Address: D2E05000h Length: 000034FBh
Data Address: D2E0A000h Length: 00000C68h
NLDAP.NLM LDAP v3 for Novell eDirectory 8.6.2
Version 10320.03 April 29, 2002
Code Address: D1B8A000h Length: 0005DFB2h
Data Address: D1BE9000h Length: 00027390h
SAS.NLM Secure Authentication Services
Version 1.70 May 7, 2002
Code Address: D04C4000h Length: 00056370h
Data Address: D051C000h Length: 0001E480h
NLSTRAP.NLM NetWare License Server Trap
Version 5.02 July 26, 2001
Code Address: D7E68000h Length: 000028EEh
Data Address: D7E6C000h Length: 00000689h
Version 5.02 July 31, 2001
Code Address: D7DAE000h Length: 00071D97h
Data Address: D7E21000h Length: 00006FB4h
BTCPCOM.NLM BTCPCOM.NLM v7.0.600, Build 154
Version 7.00 August 19, 1999
Code Address: D7D8E000h Length: 00002A16h
Data Address: D7D92000h Length: 00000B50h
Version 1.10b June 3, 2002
Code Address: D74CC000h Length: 000682E2h
Data Address: D7536000h Length: 0002AA1Ch
NWIDK.NLM CDWare Volume Module
Version 3.01a February 26, 2002
Code Address: D744E000h Length: 000045A0h
Data Address: D7454000h Length: 00000740h
Version 1.21 December 21, 1999
Code Address: D743D000h Length: 00000879h
Data Address: D743F000h Length: 00000114h
WSPSSL.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for SSL
Version 6.00d March 12, 2002
Code Address: D6FD2000h Length: 00007163h
Data Address: D6FDB000h Length: 000108DFh
HTTPSTK.NLM Novell Small Http Interface
Version 1.10 June 21, 2002
Code Address: D6D41000h Length: 00016166h
Data Address: D6D59000h Length: 00012020h
BSPXCOM.NLM BSPXCOM.NLM v7.0.600, Build 154
Version 7.00 August 19, 1999
Code Address: D6CD3000h Length: 00003D46h
Data Address: D6CD8000h Length: 00000A18h
NILE.NLM Novell Secure Socket Services NLM With Debug Symbols

Version 1.04a June 25, 2002
Code Address: D6BDE000h Length: 0005303Bh
Data Address: D6C33000h Length: 0001F3D0h
PKI.NLM Novell Certificate Server
Version 2.23a October 26, 2001
Code Address: D6B30000h Length: 0006CDC5h
Data Address: D6B9E000h Length: 000215D0h
PKIAPI.NLM Public Key Infrastructure Services
Version 2.23 November 8, 2001
Code Address: D69D6000h Length: 00036551h
Data Address: D6A0E000h Length: 00006274h
Version 2.01 October 19, 2001
Code Address: D693F000h Length: 00014C89h
Data Address: D6955000h Length: 0000434Ch
NWUTIL.NLM Novell Utility Library NLM ()
Version 1.03e September 5, 2001
Code Address: D687A000h Length: 000112B8h
Data Address: D688D000h Length: 0001A0F0h
Version 7.00 August 19, 1999
Code Address: D6570000h Length: 00006046h
Data Address: D6578000h Length: 00000A30h
SERVINST.NLM NetWare 5.x/6.x Instrumentation
Version 5.00c March 10, 2002
Code Address: D6388000h Length: 0000FFCCh
Data Address: D6399000h Length: 00007434h
HOSTMIB.NLM NetWare 5.x/6.x Host Resources MIB
Version 5.00d March 5, 2002
Code Address: D631A000h Length: 0000B320h
Data Address: D6327000h Length: 00003CA8h
RSPX.NLM NetWare Remote Console SPX Driver
Version 4.12 August 21, 1998
Code Address: D5F4E000h Length: 00002380h
Data Address: D5F52000h Length: 000038D8h
CSAUDIT.NLM CSLIB: Audit Trail Facility
Version 3.05 April 5, 1999
Code Address: D5EE8000h Length: 00009F04h
Data Address: D5EF3000h Length: 0000169Ch
CSSYSMSG.NLM CSLIB: System Messages Facility
Version 1.01h March 18, 1999
Code Address: D5E4D000h Length: 00010A57h
Data Address: D5E5F000h Length: 00004298h
NWSNUT.NLM NetWare NLM Utility User Interface
Version 5.25 April 22, 2002
Code Address: D5E00000h Length: 000124EBh
Data Address: D5E14000h Length: 000006D8h
REMOTE.NLM NetWare Remote Console
Version 4.11 August 25, 1999
Code Address: D5DA2000h Length: 00005364h
Data Address: D5DA9000h Length: 0000151Ch
Version 6.60 June 24, 1998
Code Address: D5D7D000h Length: 0000634Eh
Data Address: D5D85000h Length: 0000A5B0h
IPXRTRNM.NLM IPX Router Network Management
Version 6.60 June 24, 1998
Code Address: D5D3F000h Length: 0000C223h
Data Address: D5D4D000h Length: 000043C0h
IPXRTR.NLM IPX NLSP Router Production_02Dec2001
Version 6.70a December 3, 2001
Code Address: D5C99000h Length: 00047B7Eh
Data Address: D5CE2000h Length: 00017B10h
NAT.NLM Novell Network Address Translator (NAT)
Version 6.00d October 24, 2001
Code Address: D5C06000h Length: 000043ACh
Data Address: D5C0C000h Length: 0006D330h
NSPDNS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPDNS.NLM Name Service Providers

Version 6.00 June 18, 2002
Code Address: D5B0E000h Length: 00001E43h
Data Address: D5B11000h Length: 00000184h
Version 1.07i June 6, 2002
Code Address: D5AF0000h Length: 000027A3h
Data Address: D5AF4000h Length: 00000B38h
IPFLT31.NLM Novell TCP/IP Filter Module bm36i3
Version 5.29 October 6, 2000
Code Address: D5A72000h Length: 00015E85h
Data Address: D5A89000h Length: 00019410h
INETLIB.NLM NETINFO.CFG Maintenance Library Production_28Mar2002 Version 6.00d March 28, 2002
Code Address: D5A63000h Length: 00009B8Fh
Data Address: D5A6E000h Length: 00000FA2h
BMALMGR.NLM BorderManager Audit Log Manager
Version 1.00 May 23, 1999
Code Address: D59CF000h Length: 00000A4Ch
Data Address: D59D1000h Length: 000003D0h
BMSFLOG.NLM BorderManager Sequential File Logging Facility
Version 1.00 July 8, 1999
Code Address: D59A6000h Length: 00002A95h
Data Address: D59AA000h Length: 000015D0h
WSPIP.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for TCP and UDP
Version 6.01a November 15, 2001
Code Address: D596F000h Length: 0000E694h
Data Address: D597F000h Length: 00001E0Ch
NCPIP.NLM NetWare NCP Services over IP
Version 1.35 February 14, 2002
Code Address: D5905000h Length: 00013CC9h
Data Address: D591A000h Length: 000020E0h
IPFLT.NLM Novell TCP/IP Filter Support Module nw51sp2_1.etf
Version 4.33 July 17, 2000
Code Address: D58E1000h Length: 0000027Ch
Data Address: D58E3000h Length: 00000090h
FILTSRV.NLM Filter Services Production_11Apr2002
Version 1.60i April 11, 2002
Code Address: D582F000h Length: 00016B1Eh
Data Address: D5847000h Length: 00005150h
BSDSOCK.NLM Novell BSDSOCK Module (Domestic) CSP8patch_17Aug2k2 Version 6.13b August 17, 2002
Code Address: D5427000h Length: 0000C5A9h
Data Address: D5435000h Length: 0000BB00h
TCPIP.NLM Novell TCP/IP Stack - Network module (128 bit
Version 5.91o October 30, 2002
Code Address: D4CD5000h Length: 0006069Bh
Data Address: D4D37000h Length: 00032201h
TCP.NLM Novell TCP/IP Stack - Transport module (128 bit
Version 5.91o October 30, 2002
Code Address: D4C03000h Length: 0001F2FBh
Data Address: D4C24000h Length: 00078E30h
NETLIB.NLM Novell TCPIP NETLIB Module Production_22Apr2002
Version 6.01w April 22, 2002
Code Address: D4A79000h Length: 00008CBCh
Data Address: D4A83000h Length: 000D08C0h
Version 4.21 December 7, 1999
Code Address: D4995000h Length: 000003CCh
Data Address: D4997000h Length: 000024E0h
DEBUGLOG.NLM Debug Log NLM (IP0200.G05)
Version 1.00 July 14, 1997
Code Address: D4938000h Length: 00000D5Ah
Data Address: D493A000h Length: 000005D4h
CE100B.LAN Intel(R) 8255x-based Network Connection
Version 5.18 January 7, 2002
Code Address: D484B000h Length: 0000AD1Eh
Data Address: 3B1CF000h Length: 00008D5Ch
ETHERTSM.NLM Novell Ethernet Topology Specific Module
Version 3.88 June 7, 2002
Code Address: D4845000h Length: 000024D7h
Data Address: D4849000h Length: 000002BCh
MSM.NLM Novell Multi-Processor Media Support Module
Version 4.09 June 7, 2002
Code Address: D482C000h Length: 0000E5A3h
Data Address: D483C000h Length: 00003DCCh
CSL.NLM NetWare Call Support Layer For NetWare
Version 2.06b January 13, 2000
Code Address: D47BE000h Length: 0000CB32h
Data Address: D47CC000h Length: 000028F4h
Version 7.51 November 28, 1999
Code Address: D4789000h Length: 000013DFh
Data Address: D478C000h Length: 0000097Ch
Version 7.51 September 20, 1999
Code Address: D4505000h Length: 00099797h
Data Address: D45A0000h Length: 0002EF30h
NWAIF103.NLM nwaif103.nlm v1.00, Build 76
Version 1.00 January 23, 1998
Code Address: D44CE000h Length: 0000FAD1h
Data Address: D44DF000h Length: 000067B8h
Version 1.05 September 3, 1999
Code Address: D4481000h Length: 0000D600h
Data Address: D4490000h Length: 00004B04h
Version 4.10a February 12, 1998
Code Address: D4360000h Length: 00001C95h
Data Address: D4363000h Length: 000000ECh
Global Code Address: D4365000h Length: 00001000h
SNMP.NLM Netware 4.x/5.x/6.x SNMP Service
Version 4.16b March 12, 2002
Code Address: D4323000h Length: 000136D0h
Data Address: D4338000h Length: 00003110h
TLI.NLM NetWare Transport Level Interface Library
Version 4.30b December 19, 2000
Code Address: D4301000h Length: 00003859h
Data Address: D4306000h Length: 00000164h
Global Code Address: D4308000h Length: 00001000h
Global Data Address: D430A000h Length: 00002000h
CONLOG.NLM System Console Logger
Version 1.04b February 23, 1999
Code Address: D42B5000h Length: 00001D8Ch
Data Address: D42B8000h Length: 00001C50h
AFTER311.NLM NetWare 3.11 Compatible NLM Support Module
Version 4.10a October 21, 1994
Code Address: D42B1000h Length: 00000018h
Data Address: D42B3000h Length: 00000004h
CONNAUD.NLM Licensed Connection Meter
Version 3.01 May 3, 2002
Code Address: D40DE000h Length: 00003383h
Data Address: D40E3000h Length: 00000B78h
NLSMETER.NLM Software Usage Metering Database
Version 2.10 March 21, 2002
Code Address: D40B0000h Length: 0000B053h
Data Address: D40BD000h Length: 0000339Ch
WSPIPX.NLM NetWare Winsock Service 1.0 NLM for IPX and SPX
Version 6.00d September 19, 2001
Code Address: D3C78000h Length: 0000DAF9h
Data Address: D3C87000h Length: 00001762h
Version 5.02 April 3, 2001
Code Address: D3C3B000h Length: 0000853Bh
Data Address: D3C45000h Length: 00001AA4h
Version 5.02 April 3, 2001
Code Address: D3BE7000h Length: 0000FA6Bh
Data Address: D3BF8000h Length: 00001FE8h
NLSLSP.NLM NLS License Service Provider
Version 5.02 May 31, 2002
Code Address: D3B31000h Length: 00068D07h
Data Address: D3B9B000h Length: 0001DC20h
NSPSAP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM NSPSAP.NLM Name Service
Version 6.00d September 20, 2001
Code Address: D3780000h Length: 00001ECCh
Data Address: D3783000h Length: 00000610h
NCPIPX.NLM NetWare NCP Services over IPX
Version 5.10 April 25, 2002
Code Address: D3770000h Length: 00005837h
Data Address: D3777000h Length: 00001268h
GAMS.NLM Graded Authentication Management Service
Version 1.11a May 31, 2001
Code Address: D3745000h Length: 0000D7ADh
Data Address: D3754000h Length: 000012C0h
IPXSPX.NLM NetWare IPX/SPX Protocol Stack NLM
Version 5.04 November 20, 2001
Code Address: D36EA000h Length: 0000FC60h
Data Address: D36FB000h Length: 00009ACCh
DXEVENT.NLM DirXML Event Module for Novell eDirectory 8.6.1
Version 10210.41 November 29, 2001
Code Address: D36A1000h Length: 00019251h
Data Address: D36BC000h Length: 0000B484h
NSPNDS.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPNDS.NLM Name Service Provider Version 6.00d September 19, 2001
Code Address: D368D000h Length: 00006547h
Data Address: D3695000h Length: 00000518h
CALNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCalls Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D3637000h Length: 000172B7h
Data Address: D3650000h Length: 00000500h
TIMESYNC.NLM NetWare Time Synchronization Services
Version 5.25u July 25, 2002
Code Address: D35D7000h Length: 0000B0ECh
Data Address: D35E4000h Length: 00003290h
CLXNLM32.NLM NetWare NWCLX Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D35D0000h Length: 000011F3h
Data Address: D35D3000h Length: 00000190h
DSAPI.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D35C9000h Length: 00000043h
Data Address: D35CB000h Length: 00000024h
DSEVENT.NLM NetWare DSEvent Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D35C3000h Length: 000006A3h
Data Address: D35C5000h Length: 00000034h
NETNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNet Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D3579000h Length: 000360C9h
Data Address: D35B1000h Length: 00004CB6h
NCPNLM32.NLM NetWare NWNCP Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D353F000h Length: 0001C023h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
CLNNLM32.NLM NetWare NWClient Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D3536000h Length: 000014DFh
Data Address: D3539000h Length: 00000030h
CLIB.NLM Novell Standard C Runtime Library for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: D34A5000h Length: 0001891Eh
Data Address: D34BF000h Length: 00002FB0h
NIT.NLM NetWare Interface Tools Library for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: D3479000h Length: 0001C744h
Data Address: D3497000h Length: 00000690h
NLMLIB.NLM Novell NLM Runtime Library
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: D3419000h Length: 00025822h
Data Address: D3440000h Length: 00003860h
Version 6.00c January 18, 2002
Code Address: D33E1000h Length: 000120CDh
Data Address: D33F5000h Length: 000010A0h
Global Code Address: D33F8000h Length: 00001000h
REQUESTR.NLM Novell NCP Requestor for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: D339B000h Length: 0001FBA3h
Data Address: D33BC000h Length: 00001090h
THREADS.NLM Novell Threads Package for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: D335B000h Length: 00019008h
Data Address: D3376000h Length: 00011660h
LIB0.NLM Novell Ring 0 Library for NLMs
Version 5.90f July 19, 2002
Code Address: D30CE000h Length: 0002525Ah
Data Address: D30F5000h Length: 00228020h
LIBC.NLM Novell Kernel Services and Standard C Runtime Library
NLMs [optimized, 3]
Version 6.00f June 24, 2002
Code Address: D2EE6000h Length: 0007E666h
Data Address: D2F66000h Length: 00092959h
POLIMGR.NLM NetWare License Policy Manager
Version 6.01 March 20, 2002
Code Address: D25D1000h Length: 000128DCh
Data Address: D25E5000h Length: 00008704h
DS.NLM Novell eDirectory Version 8.6.2 SMP
Version 10320.29 May 22, 2002
Code Address: D1E4E000h Length: 00206959h
Data Address: D2056000h Length: 00056B82h
ROLLCALL.NLM RollCall NLM (101, API 1.0)
Version 5.00 July 27, 1998
Code Address: D1E4A000h Length: 0000055Dh
Data Address: D1E4C000h Length: 000002D4h
SAL.NLM Novell System Abstraction Layer Version 2.0.0
Version 10110.05 November 20, 2001
Code Address: D1E2C000h Length: 0000793Ah
Data Address: D1E35000h Length: 000011F0h
NDSAUDIT.NLM Directory Services Audit
Version 2.08 August 29, 2001
Code Address: D1AB0000h Length: 000104A4h
Data Address: D1AC2000h Length: 00002ED0h
MASV.NLM Mandatory Access Control Service
Version 1.36a November 1, 2001
Code Address: D1A82000h Length: 0000F166h
Data Address: D1A93000h Length: 00002340h
Version 1.20 March 4, 2002
Code Address: D19EC000h Length: 0000DE7Ah
Data Address: D19FB000h Length: 00001684h
NSPSLP.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NSPSLP.NLM Name Service Provider Version 6.00 March 25, 2002
Code Address: D19C9000h Length: 00006277h
Data Address: D19D1000h Length: 00000B64h
Version 1.07i June 6, 2002
Code Address: D1969000h Length: 00012163h
Data Address: D197D000h Length: 00003DACh
DSLOADER.NLM Novell Directory Services Version 8.6.2 Loader
Version 10320.29 May 22, 2002
Code Address: D1886000h Length: 000083FEh
Data Address: D1890000h Length: 000006B0h
XIM.XLM Novell NICI Signed Loader
Version 1.02 May 18, 2001
Code Address: D15B8000h Length: 0001DE70h
Data Address: 3AADB000h Length: 00003900h
WS2_32.NLM NetWare Winsock 2.0 NLM
Version 6.00d June 12, 2002
Code Address: D1474000h Length: 00031993h
Data Address: D14A7000h Length: 0000FD9Eh
UNI_UPR.NLM NetWare Unicode Upper Case API, V1.01
Version 1.01 July 23, 1998
Code Address: D1410000h Length: 00000107h
Data Address: D1412000h Length: 00002328h
UNI_MON.NLM NetWare Unicode Lower Case API, V1.01
Version 1.01 July 23, 1998
Code Address: D140A000h Length: 00000107h
Data Address: D140C000h Length: 0000207Ch
UNI_437.NLM NetWare Unicode conversion API for code page 437,
Version 1.01 July 23, 1998
Code Address: D1402000h Length: 000001B7h
Data Address: D1404000h Length: 00000B44h
LOCNLM32.NLM NetWare NWLocale Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D13F4000h Length: 000047EBh
Data Address: D13FA000h Length: 00000C60h
UNICODE.NLM NetWare Unicode Runtime Library
Version 5.05h June 6, 2002
Code Address: D13C2000h Length: 00003413h
Data Address: D13C7000h Length: 00008AE4h
NCP.NLM NetWare Core Protocol (NCP) Engine
Version 5.10a March 29, 2002
Code Address: D136B000h Length: 000238BFh
Data Address: D1390000h Length: 00018204h
QUEUE.NLM NetWare Queue Services NLM
Version 5.10 June 20, 2000
Code Address: D130D000h Length: 00006D70h
Data Address: D1315000h Length: 000000A0h
FILESYS.NLM NetWare File System NLM
Version 5.10 May 10, 2002
Code Address: D0AD0000h Length: 0008D1D7h
Data Address: D0B5F000h Length: 00012B50h
LFS.NLM NetWare Logical File System NLM
Version 5.10 May 23, 2002
Code Address: D0A8E000h Length: 000093ACh
Data Address: D0A99000h Length: 0000832Ch
CONNMGR.NLM NetWare Connection Manager NLM
Version 5.11 June 5, 2002
Code Address: D0A1B000h Length: 0000D345h
Data Address: D0A2A000h Length: 0000282Ch
SGUID.NLM NetWare 5 GUID Services
Version 1.52 October 18, 2000
Code Address: D09FD000h Length: 00000C0Ch
Data Address: D09FF000h Length: 000000FAh
LSL.NLM Novell NetWare Link Support Layer
Version 4.76 April 3, 2002
Code Address: D08F9000h Length: 0000A567h
Data Address: D0905000h Length: 00009E88h
ADPT160M.HAM Adaptec Ultra160 Family Manager Set Driver for
Version 17.12m June 21, 2002
Code Address: D0857000h Length: 0001D813h
Data Address: 3F65E000h Length: 00003690h
IDEATA.HAM Novell ATA/IDE/ATAPI Host Adapter Module
Version 3.20a April 19, 2002
Code Address: D07FE000h Length: 00005F99h
Data Address: 3F3D6000h Length: 00001824h
SCSIHD.CDM Novell NetWare 5 SCSI Fixed Disk Custom Device Module

Version 3.00 March 26, 2001
Code Address: D07EC000h Length: 0000332Bh
Data Address: 3F3DB000h Length: 00000298h
IDECD.CDM Novell ATAPI CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Custom Device Module
Version 3.00c February 6, 2002
Code Address: D07E3000h Length: 00002525h
Data Address: 3EE09000h Length: 0000058Ch
MPS14.PSM Platform Support Module for NetWare 5/6 and MPS v1.4compliant systems.
Version 2.09 July 17, 2002
Code Address: D0796000h Length: 00013647h
Data Address: 3EE0A000h Length: 00014010h
NWPALOAD.NLM NetWare 5 NWPA Load Utility
Version 3.00 February 8, 2000
Code Address: D0757000h Length: 00000007h
Data Address: 00000000h Length: 00000000h
NWPA.NLM NetWare 5 NetWare Peripheral Architecture NLM
Version 3.09 June 27, 2002
Code Address: D06F3000h Length: 00015E46h
Data Address: D070A000h Length: 00002928h
MM.NLM NetWare Media Manager
Version 2.03 April 29, 2002
Code Address: D0672000h Length: 00022A5Fh
Data Address: D0696000h Length: 00008BDCh
NBI.NLM NetWare Bus Interface
Version 2.28a February 25, 2002
Code Address: D0612000h Length: 00009A39h
Data Address: D061D000h Length: 00001748h
NEB.NLM Novell Event Bus
Version 1.03 December 21, 1999
Code Address: D05F5000h Length: 00003840h
Data Address: D05FA000h Length: 0000071Ch
DIAG500.NLM Diagnostic/coredump utility for NetWare 5
Version 2.00 February 7, 2000
Code Address: D05BF000h Length: 000047F4h
Data Address: D05C5000h Length: 000152E4h
CPUCHECK.NLM NetWare Processor Checking Utility
Version 1.03 April 8, 2002
Code Address: D05B7000h Length: 00000F3Ah
Data Address: D05B9000h Length: 0000482Ch
PVER500.NLM NetWare 5.XX Version Library
Version 3.00 March 19, 2001
Code Address: D0426000h Length: 000006A3h
Data Address: D0428000h Length: 00000360h
NWKCFG.NLM NetWare Kernel Config NLM
Version 2.06 June 17, 2002
Code Address: D041B000h Length: 000038CBh
Data Address: D0420000h Length: 00002E44h
CDBE.NLM NetWare Configuration DB Engine
Version 5.11 June 20, 2002
Code Address: D008C000h Length: 00010056h
Data Address: D009E000h Length: 00015220h
SERVER.NLM NetWare Server Operating System
Version 5.00 July 10, 2002
Code Address: FC000000h Length: 00115000h
Data Address: FC515000h Length: 000DC000h